Achieving Profitable Sales Growth using “Next Gen” Web Portals

Companies have been focusing on upgrading their “core systems” such as Finance systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Warehouse systems and such large packages.  These systems are primarily designed to improve internal workflow and productivity.  However, in order to fully realize the return on investment in these systems, companies need to automate all their business processes, including external ones.

Ordering and Order Management portals, Logistics portals and other similar online tools automate, integrate and streamline your interaction with multiple, disparate customer channels. Fully automating the external interaction completes the “last mile” of automation with your internal systems. Customers, dealers and consumers can place orders and pay you online, while getting full visibility into the order-to-delivery lifecycle without phone calls, faxes or emails. Suppliers, manufacturers and supply chain partners of all sizes can interact with you without phone calls, faxes and emails to ensure that ordered inventory is being delivered and invoiced as planned. Portals reduce end-to-end safety stock, ordering lead times, markdowns and obsolete inventory write-offs. This next gen technology improves in-stock, increases sales and enhances overall customer service.

The Spice Connect™ platform provides a simple, fast and affordable data integration and portal platform to companies of all sizes. Our solution is enabling large customers and small and medium sized businesses today to improve sales and productivity across multiple channels.