What we do

Spice Web™ is a modern supplier order management web application. It enables Trading Partners to fulfill and manage orders from all customers and channels including marketplaces, EDI customers and dealers. Spice Web™ is easy to use and available in several languages. Spice Web OMS can be implemented rapidly to support your community of non-EDI and small Trading Partners worldwide.

Spice Web Feature For Large Enterprise with non-EDI Suppliers For Multi-National Needing Local Country Order
For Small Business
Manage EDI processes with non-EDI partners including suppliers and logistics partners
Manage & fulfill orders from all sales channels including marketplaces, e-commerce, EDI and dealers Not Applicable
Shared view of EDI documents and order status between enterprise and trading partner
Manage e-commerce vendor dropship orders
Complete solution including catalog, inventory, order processing, pick-pack-ship, labels, invoicing and payments.
Enterprise security with single sign-on (SSO) Not Applicable
Multiple languages supported
Manage fulfillment logic for individual trading partners within local countries empowering country-level sales and distribution staff to be self sufficient
Modern web solution fully integrated to EDI/ERP
Customisation of order fulfillment business rules
Third party logistics functionality for distributed sales order processing and warehouse order fulfilment

IBM Sterling Webforms – Powered by Spice

IBM Transaction Manager / Webforms EDI

IBM Sterling Transaction Manager (Webforms EDI) provides a user-friendly web portal that automates manual B2B transactions for non-EDI Trading Partners. This helps save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction with non-EDI suppliers, customers and other trading partners. This solution is powered by spice™ Technology and provided in partnership with IBM.

All major supply chain EDI documents available out-of-the-box:

  • 824 – Application Advice
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement
  • 830 – Planning Schedule with Release
  • 840 – Request for Quote
  • 850 – Purchase Orders
  • 860 – Purchase Order Change
  • 865 – PO Change Acknowledgment
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notice
  • 820 – Remittance Advice
  • 315 – Ocean Status Detail
  • 210 – Motor Carrier Freight Invoice
  • 211 – Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
  • 214 – Truck/Air Shipment Message
  • 940 – Warehouse Shipment Order
  • 943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • 944 – Warehouse Receipt Advise
  • 945 – Warehouse Shipment Advise
  • And many more ….


Economical. Our business model allows you to add on large communities of non-EDI partners in a budget friendly manner.
Fast: Spice Web™ can be quickly configured to your existing EDI specifications and rapidly deployed to your Trading Partner community with full training and support
Better. Spice Web™ can be fully customized to support any unique requirements and business rules. We already offer a lot of functionality out-of-the-box

Why choose us

Spice Web™ forms focuses on providing a highly configurable web EDI solution that is quick to deploy and affordable.

Supplier Webforms help you extend the reach of your supply chain network and save money. More suppliers connected via EDI means more efficiencies for you from reduced manual work, latency and errors. Our customers have shortened lead times for orders, reduced inventory pipeline and improved customer service levels.