What we do

Spice Connect™ combines SaaS and Cloud Managed Service as an offering for organizations looking to outsource all or some of their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems, B2B network and Trading Partner onboarding processes. The offering includes a Cloud EDI service that enables ERP integration and any-to-any Trading Partner data transformation. We enable Trading Partner connectivity using many B2B protocols such as AS2 and SFTP. Managed Services include new EDI program setup, VAN network migration and Trading Partner onboarding and worldwide support. Our SaaS solutions include specialized web applications to assist non-EDI Trading Partners patriciate in your EDI program with ease.

spice™ Supply Chain Data Network (SCDN) is used for digitizing your supply chain and managing Perfect Orders. The network connects global buyers and suppliers and helps them collaborate & exchange critical supply chain business documents such as e-catalogs, purchase orders, production forecasts, inventory release schedules, advance shipping notices (ASN), invoices and more. Learn how you can build a data-driven supply chain with spice™ – SCDN.


An outsourced EDI program requires many elements to work together to create a world class EDI capability. The spice™ EDI/B2B framework provides modular pieces of EDI/B2B SaaS software, Cloud Services and Trading Partner Community Management Services that can be put together in a customised manner to achieve your objectives.  We leverage your existing technology and people – or we provide all of it. The spice™ EDI/B2B framework ensures that you get what you need in order to to get the job done and meet your budget.



Spice Insight© is a web-based EDI/B2B visibility platform that provides your entire organization complete visibility into the health and status of your EDI network and supply chain data traffic

With Spice Message Hub© EDI business users have a self-service, exceptions-based and real-time view into the operational performance of your enterprise supply chain, including human readable EDI transactions

Spice Message Hub© enables EDI-IT staff and EDI analysts to drill down at a transactional level. ERP data (such as SAP IDOC or flat files) and Trading Partner source data (such as EDI or XML) can be compared side by side to analyze exceptions, making EDI production support easy


Rolling out a large community of trading partners is our speciality. With a growing community of over 10,000 trading partners active on our cloud EDI/B2B integration platform Spice Connect™, we have perfected the craft of “herding cats” – the art and science of on-boarding & enabling a large community of trading partners. Our Set-Ready-Go™ rollout methodology ensures that your large community of trading partners can be rapidly on-boarded to a set of technical standards, while our technology platform ensures that all your trading partners have easy-to-use, standards-based technical means to connect with you.