How Can spice™ Make Your EDI Life Easier

How Can spice™ make your EDI life easier?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the paperless or electronic transfer of business documents between business partners. EDI helps reduce processing time, errors and cost by transferring to a paperless system of managing documents. It is popularly used for managing the movement of inventory between companies and includes electronic documents such as purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices and payment remittance information. EDI helps reduce or even eliminate some manual processes which involve an exchange of paper documents, exchanging phone calls with customers or coordinating with suppliers via email or faxes. You improve visibility into your supply chain, save time, and reduce errors, which could occur when we manually process data. EDI also simplifies your work, while cutting down on paper waste.

How does spice™ make EDI easier?
Managing EDI internally requires expensive technical resources. spice™ Technology Group provides outsourced, cloud-based EDI solutions to organizations both big and small. Spice Connect™ – our cloud based outsourced EDI solution and managed service will help ease the process of sending or receiving invoices, catalogue data, purchase orders, tracking inventory and more. spice™ has EDI solutions and services to suit various budget needs.
Our single solution integrates with all your business partners including suppliers, customers and logistics partners, of all sizes and capabilities. All your data and business information is secured and encrypted. Spice Connect™, our EDI management system, handles data in most formats including EDIFACT, ANSI x12, XML, AS2, SFTP, Flat File, APIs, etc.

If Trading Partners do not have the ability to exchange system-to-system data, they can use Spice Connect™ Web EDI for easy access to EDI data, which provides functionality and ease of use to manage business transactions using a web interface. Our portals are mobile ready and available in multiple languages, including French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and more. This allows you to do business with various global partners in the language of their choice.

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About the Author:

Asmita Sharma is an established Enterprise Software Sales Executive with over 15 years’ experience in both new business development and existing customer management. She has a strong record of revenue generation through new business prospecting, strategic account planning, and relationship building. 

Her current role at spice™ Technology Group Inc. allows her to help companies make decisions regarding their EDI, Data Integration, and Data Integrity needs. spice™ is committed to helping businesses flourish through the power of information.