In the retail industry this is done primarily through;

  • Increasing the number of customers and
  • Increasing the share of their wallet your business obtains.

This is becoming more difficult in this era of the ultra-connected customer, due to increasingly easy access to information on products /services and competitor pricing.

Through mobile devices, they have access to information anywhere and anytime, including while in-store shopping. This real-time access allows customers to seamlessly shop across channels as they traverse from awareness, to transaction, to delivery, to after sales care. Providing them the freedom to shop anywhere at anytime.

To meet these anywhere/anytime seamless expectations, retailers have huge challenges to enable their organizations. New business processes, organizational structures and technology are required on the customer engagement side, blurring of the lines between the physical store and digital world by the use of ibeacon, virtual changing rooms, virtual stores, pop-up stores, endless aisles, holograms, mobile apps, mobile payments and so forth. While determining and implementing the right mix of customer engagement technology is absolutely necessary, it is all for nothing if your supply chain is not Omni- channel ready.

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