spice™ is showcasing something exciting at Store 2016

When you walk into a store, the level of energy needs to be enticing. The store’s presentation and communication with the staff will give an indication to how the business is doing, but the challenge is, what is happening online?

  • How do you make a quick assessment of your online channel? 
  • Is what is selling online, the same as in stores?
  • Do you unknowingly run out of stock? 
  • How quickly can your customers make returns?
  • How much visibility do you have of your supply chain?

The traditional way, is to run reports in the morning to review yesterday’s performance of online business, which may or may not compare to the store performance.

Due to the constant reviewing of KPI’s and running reports, most time you are not able to gain a full explanation as to what is going on in the business, along with the limited distribution of reports. Unfortunately, this means your data is neither exciting nor tangible to the business.

Do you know that the way you view your data can change? Your business can now get LIVE vibe of what’s going on, such as;

  • Top selling items by volume and sales channel.
  • Items that are not selling and why.
  • Items that are out of stock.

Now your business can improve by integrating a Live system to update what is going on in the business. Don’t blow through stacks of reports but by sublimely by knowing.

What is this amazing tool?… Come by booth #227 to learn more.