Staying Relevant in a World That is Being Dominated by Amazon

Amazon is dominating. They have ownership and expertise in retail, data storage, and logistics. Their mobile app is even topping the social giants: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. And guess what? They have even opened their own fashion brand. They disrupt and dominate any industry they touch, leaving small and medium players crushed.

How do you compete?

We recommend focusing on three areas:

Customer Engagement Strategy:

Focus on creating and/or improving the way customers interact and purchase your products. Depending on the situation, creating an online brand or presence might be the best approach. Providing education, and engaging your customers on a social level could be what your brand needs to go the next level.

Improve Product Offering:

Review your products and your customer needs. Identify how your customers’ needs are changing and how you can capitalise on these areas.

Build Supply Chain Capabilities:

Integrate with other vendors, marketplaces, and other distribution channels. Support drop-ship and endless aisle capabilities to enhance your offering to customers. 

Tackling these three areas can be a challenge. And this is why we’ve opened spice™ Digital.

Introducing spice™ Digital

spice™ Digital focuses on helping businesses grow their e-commerce. We help you with defining, designing, and delivering your digital marketing plan, and we are here to support you as you evolve and get better in serving your customers. We leverage our experience working with over 2000 brands, retailers, and manufacturers in helping you reach your goals.

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About the Author 

Justin Merced leads the team at spice™ Digital. He has worked in the field of digital marketing for many years. He has consulted with hundreds of businesses and start-ups in helping them with strategy creation and tactical execution. He takes a hands on approach in helping his clients grow.