spice™ named Top 10 Merchandising Solution provider in Retail CIO Outlook

The permeation of technology disciplines like Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day lives has prompted retailers to adopt the latest trends to steer ahead of competitors.

Recently, several media sources were abuzz about the news that retail giant Amazon plans to open as many as 3000 cashierless convenience-stores by 2021. The idea of stores without cashiers is definitely an intriguing experience most shoppers would look forward to, but also help retail firms amass high revenue. The advent of digitization has prompted several retail organizations to create an omnichannel shopping experience that seamlessly merges brick-and-mortar stores with virtual shopping platforms. Experiential merchandising and creating omnichannel platforms are thus, undoubtedly two of the top priorities among retail enterprises worldwide currently and many organizations are seeking the assistance of vendor firms to devise holistic solutions to accomplish organizational goals. In the wake of the need among retail firms for unique solutions, our editorial board conducted a comprehensive study of leading merchandising solution providers globally. This edition of our magazine, a
result of their efforts, is a compilation of Top 10 Merchandising Solution Providers from around the globe. We hope this edition on merchandising helps retail enterprises in pursuit of ideal vendors devising cutting-edge merchandising solutions.
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